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Michele Little - Thu Sep 25, 2008 @ 07:16AM
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International Day of Peace: September 21st 2008

Pinwheels Spinning in the Wind Recognizing Whirled Peace

Another year has past with pinwheels spinning on International Day of Peace for Whirled Peace. Over 2 million students around the world created Pinwheels For Peace and thousands have chosen to send them to Unite In Peace to gift to children in refugee camps and orphanages in Africa and the Middle East.

For those who have participated we say thank you. From those of us at Unite In Peace and the directors at these camps and orphanges we want you to know that your messages and designs of peace are felt at a very deep heart connected level from the staff and children who receive your pinwheels.

Please support the ongoing efforts of Whirled Peace- Pinwheels of Peace, and thank you for your donations, which help us with shipping and promoting our cause.

Comments: 239
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